Career Opportunities for Financial Advisers

Scottsdale MoneyWISE operates on a rather unusual business model, which is generous to exceptional financial advisers who put quality before quantity. Indeed, some of our advisers have worked hard to get to the top of the industry, and are formally recognised for scarce and/or first-class expertise.

Unless you join us and your existing customer base follows, you’ll need expertise and a deep understanding of business owners, senior managers and those who’ve been through a major life change such as a divorce or bereavement.

We are looking for people who either are building, or have built, a long-term career in providing financial advice.

We provide our advisers with a constant stream of enquiries, which we expect to be promptly followed up. Those who also become involved in servicing existing clients will be expected to uphold our values and high-quality track record.

Our value statement
Scottsdale MoneyWISE is dedicated to helping clients become financially independent, whilst protecting them and their families from hardship in the event of death or disablement. Wealth is increased by ensuring our clients don’t miss out on good investment growth and that they aren’t paying too much tax.

Scottsdale’s expert advisers provide face-to-face advice, and are supported by a dedicated team to maintain the first-class service that clients have overwhelmingly acknowledged in our regular customer surveys.

If you are a mortgage and/or investment adviser who fits our working ethos and company values, please send your CV along with a covering letter to