Check Paperwork to Avoid Paying Unnecessary Tax

Posted by siteadmin on Thursday 26th of November 2015

Our senior pension specialists are checking pensions which were written under previous tax rules. In short, the new flexible pension drawdown rules mean you can leave money, free of inheritance tax, to your children, providing you check and update your paperwork in good time.

If your children or other beneficiaries aren’t mentioned in the correct part of your pension papers, they’ll miss out on this tax efficiency because, when you pass away, they could be faced with a hefty tax bill.

Checking your pension papers
Your beneficiaries need to be n...

12 strategies to keep your tax liability to a legal minimum

Posted by siteadmin on Tuesday 22nd of September 2015

Good planning and careful timing are critical if you want to maximise tax reliefs or minimise the tax bill on a transaction or investment, and avoid falling foul of the system of penalties and interest levied by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). With some preparation, you could arrange your financial affairs to minimise the impact of tax on you, your family and your business.

In this article, all references to married couples include registered civil partners.

1 Make sure your tax code is correct
Check your tax code each year (the num...

Why Should I Use a Chartered Financial Adviser?

Posted by siteadmin on Tuesday 22nd of September 2015

Scottsdale has its own Chartered Financial Planners. This is an outward demonstration of its professional commitment to raising the bar in the financial advice industry, in terms of standards of knowledge, capability and ethical practice. It’s a message that says customers can expect the highest quality of service from Scottsdale MoneyWISE’s financial advisers.

Independent research shows that consumers recognise and value the Charter mark as an indication of merit, capability and commitment to ethical practice. However, being a Chartered Fi...

Planning for University and School Fees

Posted by siteadmin on Tuesday 22nd of September 2015

In the UK, day fees for private schools can range from approximately £11,000 to more than £30,000 per year, and boarding increases these costs much further. Funding through university varies wildly, depending on course type and length, but you can expect most tuition fees to be around £9,000 per annum for most desk-based courses.

Avoid unnecessary strain without compromising on your child’s education
Although, ideally, financial planning for such significant investments should take place as early as possible, in reality few parents consider ...

Funding Long-term Care

Posted by siteadmin on Tuesday 22nd of September 2015

Today, the average pension savings pot is unlikely to cover long-term care in addition to providing a retirement income.

There is a vast amount of – often conflicting – information available and a host of variables that can catch out individuals and loved ones when it comes to affording long-term care. Our advisers guide you through ‘what ifs’ to help you tax-efficiently plan how to accommodate long-term care, in case the need arises.

Weighing up likelihoods and your options
It can be difficult to know where to start, and many people don’t ...